5 Key Tips to Rock 80s New Wave Fashion

By: Bryan K.

To rock 80s New Wave fashion, wear bright colors like neon pink and electric blue. Mix in fun patterns like zig-zag or checkered designs. Try tops with one shoulder and pants with a high waist for a cool look.

Add bold jewelry like layered necklaces and big colorful earrings. Wear vintage-style glasses with cool prints and big frames. Mix fabrics like mesh, leather, and denim for a unique style.

Finish your outfit with retro accessories like plastic bangles. Get ready to stand out in true 80s New Wave style and have fun with your fashion!

Main Points

  • Wear bright colors and bold patterns for a fun 80s New Wave look.
  • Try mixing short and long pieces for a cool asymmetrical style.
  • Add statement jewelry like layered necklaces and big earrings.
  • Choose vintage-style glasses with old-fashioned frames and bright colors.
  • Play with different textures like mesh, leather, and silk for a unique look.

Embrace Bold Colors and Patterns

When you dress in 80s New Wave fashion, go for bright colors and fun patterns to stand out. Wear neon pinks, electric blues, and fluorescent greens to capture the 1980s vibe. Mix these bold colors with geometric prints like checkered or zig-zag designs for a cool look.

To really rock your 80s style, add colorful accessories. Try colorful belts, bold jewelry, and vintage sunglasses with tinted lenses. These bright accessories will complete your outfit and make you look amazing.

Experiment With Asymmetrical Silhouettes

To make your 80s New Wave style more exciting, try wearing clothes with different shapes. Asymmetrical silhouettes give your outfit a cool and modern look. Mix and match various cuts to show off your unique style. Here are some tips for trying out asymmetrical silhouettes:

  • Mix short and long pieces for a fun outfit.
  • Style your hair with a side-swept fringe or an asymmetrical bob.
  • Wear a top that shows off one shoulder with high-waisted pants.
  • Combine loose clothes with tight ones for a trendy look.
  • Try braiding your hair in an asymmetrical style or putting it in an off-center ponytail.
  • Wear a dress that only covers one shoulder for a night out.
  • Experiment with uneven hemlines for a contemporary touch.
  • Use bold hair clips or headbands to add flair to your look.
  • Layer a short jacket over a long top for a stylish outfit.

Adding asymmetrical shapes to your 80s New Wave wardrobe lets you have fun and show off your unique style. Mix things up and express yourself confidently!

Accessorize With Statement Jewelry

Let's take your 80s New Wave style to the next level with cool jewelry.

  1. Layer Necklaces: Wear different-length necklaces together for a cool look.
  2. Big Earrings: Go for large, colorful earrings to stand out.
  3. Thick Bracelets and Retro Pins: Add chunky bracelets for a bold style. Pin a vintage brooch for a classic touch.

Adding fun jewelry pieces can make your 80s New Wave outfit pop!

Opt for Vintage-Inspired Eyewear

Get some vintage-inspired eyewear to boost your 80s New Wave look with a retro touch. Retro frames are back in style and are a great way to add a nostalgic feel to your outfit. Look for frames with cool prints or bright colors to make a bold statement that screams 80s fashion. Choose oversized frames for a modern twist that shows off your confidence and edginess. These frames not only protect your eyes but also add a fashionable touch to any outfit.

Mix and Match Textures and Fabrics

To rock an 80s New Wave style, mix different textures and fabrics in your outfits. Layer mesh, leather, and denim for a cool look. Try silk with velvet or tweed for a chic ensemble.

Add retro accessories like plastic bangles and statement belts for a fun touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Authentic Vintage 80S New Wave Fashion Pieces?

You can find real vintage 80s New Wave fashion pieces on vintage shopping websites. These sites have unique collections for you to explore. You can also visit thrift stores for items to customize yourself.

How Can I Incorporate 80S New Wave Fashion Into a More Casual or Everyday Wardrobe?

To add 80s New Wave style to casual outfits, mix old and new fashion. Wear old band t-shirts with modern jeans or add bright neon accessories to your everyday look. Be bold and stand out with your fashion choices!

Are There Any Specific Brands or Designers Known for Their 80S New Wave Inspired Collections?

Looking for top designers and famous brands that have collections inspired by 80s new wave style? Check out Versace, Moschino, and Saint Laurent for bold and daring looks from that era.

What Hairstyles Were Popular During the 80S New Wave Era and How Can I Recreate Them?

To get that cool 80s new wave style, try teased hair, mullets, and asymmetrical cuts. Look up tutorials online to copy these looks. Add in bold headbands, scrunchies, and neon hair clips for an extra trendy touch.

How Can I Modernize 80S New Wave Fashion Trends to Fit My Personal Style?

To update 80s New Wave fashion, mix in a bit of rebellion with your own style. Combine different time periods creatively to show off your unique look. Embrace the past while making your style stand out.


When you explore 80s new wave fashion, remember that your style shows who you are. Your bright colors, unique shapes, bold jewelry, old glasses, and mix of fabrics tell your story.

Embrace the creativity and be yourself. Let your fashion speak for you. Be confident and stylish!

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