I am sure we can honestly say we would like to improve in many areas of our lives. That isn’t bad; it is always a great idea to enhance ourselves as life is a journey and doesn’t stop when we have achieved something. Let us seek to improve who we are with every opportunity.

There are ways to make this a reality; it takes time and effort, but we can do it. If you want to become a better person than you were yesterday or even this morning, something in this article may help. Let us consider these things to see which apply to us to make life more fulfilling for ourselves and those around us. A better you and a better me help make the world a better place.

Stop The Excuses

Indeed, some of the mishaps in your life or family aren’t your fault. However, it doesn’t help to make excuses; it helps to look at yourself, evaluate and see what you can do better. The blame game has often created tension among spouses, children, relatives, friends, and even co-workers. The next time the temptation comes to blame another. Remember, you don’t have to go that route.

Anger Management

We all get angry for one reason or another. Some of us may have the ability to refrain longer than others. If you are one of those who never get mad, that is a great attribute to have. It takes a lot for a person to remain calm when a situation has them all stirred up, but learning to control your emotions is a big step in the right direction. Find ways to control your anger, don’t let it control you?

Be Forgiving

Learning to forgive anyone who has done you wrong is so crucial to your mental state. Hanging on to resentment will only rob you of happiness and create bitterness that can eat you alive. It will affect your relationships, your performance at every level and cause you to be unhappy all the time. An excellent suggestion is to learn to forgive no matter what!


It pays to be selfless, to help others, and think of their well-being. Anyone who loves and cares for others receives one of the greatest blessings anyone can get. You not only make life better for that person, but you feel better as a person being able to meet their needs. Life has shown that selfish people are seldom happy and have very few friends.


Honesty can be a challenge for many of us, especially when we may find ourselves in trouble. However, it pays to be honest at the end of the day. Often not being truthful can lead to other issues later in life or a relationship. Try to be more transparent and direct with what you have to say and how you feel about a situation. You may not be correct, but explaining yourself is best.

A Good Listener

I must honestly say this one can be a challenge. It is critical to be a good listener; I have learned this and continue to work on it in my own life. Taking the time to listen before giving a response is essential. Learning to listen and not giving a reply can be good as well. The only way you can understand another person is by listening and carefully as that makes the difference.


There is a saying that “manners maketh man.” It is always good to be a lady or a gentleman. Politeness is a very desirable trait and should be one of the hallmarks of anyone who desires to be a better person. This attitude can draw persons to you because they say qualities they admire or want. The person who shows themselves friendly will gain friends as well, in most cases anyway.


It is always good to improve on what you know or can do. Education isn’t limited to a degree or even a skill, though both are essential things to have. You can educate yourself by learning more about the world around you and life in general. This life is vast and is full of so much more to learn, especially in times of crisis.

These are some of the ways you can seek to improve who you are. I mentioned education last, and that is a big one. You can do more research on ways to improve your own life. Some of the choices you make on such a journey won’t please everyone, so beware. You, as a better person, don’t necessarily depend on what others think about you. It depends on if what they say is true.