Top 5 Swing Jazz Bands for Your Wedding

By: Bryan K.

Consider these top 5 swing jazz bands for your wedding.

The Hot Swingers bring vintage charm and offer dance lessons.

Jazzed Up Jive adds a modern twist for lively atmospheres.

Swing Sensations play classic swing with a big band feel.

Rhythmic Rendezvous mix old and new styles for a retro vibe.

Smooth Swing Sounds offer personalized playlists and dance lessons with bands like Velvet Groove and Jazz Harmony.

Choose the right band to make your special day memorable with charm and energy.

Main Points

  • The Hot Swingers: They play swing jazz and can teach you how to dance, perfect for vintage weddings.
  • Jazzed Up Jive: They play modern jazz with an old-fashioned charm, great for lively weddings.
  • Swing Sensations: They bring back the big band swing experience with a modern twist.
  • Rhythmic Rendezvous: They create a fun and retro atmosphere with soulful tunes and catchy beats.
  • Smooth Swing Sounds: Enjoy smooth swing melodies, dance lessons, and an elegant night.

The Hot Swingers

Looking for a fun swing jazz band for your wedding? Check out The Hot Swingers. They play lively music that will get your guests dancing all night. What makes them special is that they also offer swing dance lessons. Imagine you and your partner gliding on the dance floor, creating unforgettable memories on your big day.

If you want a vintage wedding theme, The Hot Swingers are perfect. Their classic sound will take you back to the golden era of swing jazz. Picture your reception filled with retro charm, all thanks to The Hot Swingers' enchanting music.

Having The Hot Swingers at your wedding means more than just a band. It's an experience. Dive into the world of swing jazz, learn new dance moves, and make your celebration unforgettable.

Jazzed Up Jive

Get ready to dance to the exciting music of Jazzed Up Jive at your wedding party. They play jazz with a modern twist that will make everyone want to move. Their fun tunes will keep your guests dancing all night.

Jazzed Up Jive combines classic jazz with new styles for a lively show that everyone will enjoy. They mix old-fashioned charm with a fresh sound, making them stand out from other jazz bands. Perfect for couples who want a lively atmosphere at their wedding.

Whether you love jazz or just want to have a good time, Jazzed Up Jive will get everyone on their feet with their energetic music. Make your wedding reception unforgettable with Jazzed Up Jive's soulful tunes and high spirits.

Swing Sensations

Experience the magic of Swing Sensations, a band that brings the lively sounds of classic swing music to your wedding. They play energizing tunes that will make your guests want to dance.

Swing Sensations use brass, saxophones, and rhythm sections to recreate the big band experience from the swinging era. Their music is a blend of old and new, perfect for those who love nostalgia with a modern twist.

Dance the night away to the live big band music of Swing Sensations. Let them create a memorable evening filled with the spirit of swing and the timeless charm of classic swing tunes.

Rhythmic Rendezvous

Get ready to dance the night away with Rhythmic Rendezvous! This band will play soulful tunes and catchy beats at your wedding. They create a fun, retro atmosphere that will keep everyone on the dance floor.

Rhythmic Rendezvous mixes old and new music styles, blending jazz classics with a modern twist. Their music is both elegant and exciting, perfect for your special day.

If you want a band that will bring a fresh take on swing jazz to your wedding, Rhythmic Rendezvous is the one to choose. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, and unforgettable memories!

Smooth Swing Sounds

Enjoy the smooth swing sounds as the night goes on at your wedding. Picture this – gentle vintage jazz melodies creating a wonderful atmosphere. Want to add more fun? How about offering swing dance lessons for your guests? It's a great way to get everyone moving to the music.

Check out these bands known for their smooth swing tunes:

  • Velvet Groove: Plays classic swing music and can create personalized playlists.
  • Moonlight Serenade: Sets a romantic mood with elegant swing music.
  • Swinging Sensations: Keeps the energy high with interactive performances.
  • Jazz Harmony: Offers a smooth and sophisticated swing style with a versatile song selection.

Let the mellow swing sounds make your night magical with elegance and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Cost of Hiring a Swing Jazz Band for a Wedding?

Booking a swing jazz band for your wedding can cost different amounts. The price depends on things like where the band is and when they are available. Talking about prices and how to pay can help you find a deal that works for you.

Do Swing Jazz Bands Typically Provide Their Own Equipment, or Is That Something the Couple Needs to Arrange For?

Swing jazz bands usually bring their own equipment. This makes things easier for you. They will set up everything so you can enjoy your day stress-free.

How Much Space Is Typically Needed for a Swing Jazz Band to Set up and Perform at a Wedding?

To have a swing jazz band at your wedding, check if the venue allows band setup and sound check. Make sure there's enough room for the band and a dance floor for guests to enjoy. Talk to the band about how much space they need for a smooth performance.

Can Couples Request Specific Songs or Genres to Be Included in the Band's Setlist?

The band may charge extra for special song requests. Talk to them about your favorite songs. They are usually happy to play them for you.

Are Swing Jazz Bands Able to Accommodate Special Requests for First Dances or Other Personalized Moments During the Wedding Reception?

Yes, swing jazz bands are happy to help with special requests for your first dance or other personalized moments at your wedding reception. They can choose songs, plan dances, and perform in a way that adds sentimental touches to your celebration.


Looking for a band to make your guests dance? Swing jazz bands are a great choice. They play classic songs that everyone loves.

Rhythmic Rendezvous is a band that will bring joy to your wedding day. Your guests will smile and dance to their music.

Make unforgettable memories with swing jazz music!

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