3 Best Influential Black Metal Bands of the 90s

By: Bryan K.

Mayhem, Emperor, and Darkthrone were top black metal bands in the 90s. Mayhem played extreme music and had a controversial past. They inspired many new bands with their boundary-pushing style.

Emperor mixed fast beats and symphonies for a dark, legendary sound that still influences bands today.

Darkthrone's raw, intense music and mysterious vibe captured fans' hearts. These bands each brought something special to the black metal scene in the 90s.

Main Points

  • Mayhem was a top band in the 90s. They played extreme music and had a controversial past. They influenced new bands and pushed genre boundaries.
  • Emperor was famous for fast beats and symphonies. They had a dark sound and made complex music. They were very influential.
  • Darkthrone had a unique raw sound. They added atmospheric elements to their music and captured the Norwegian black metal spirit. They had a mysterious vibe.


Mayhem changed black metal in the 90s with their extreme music and shocking history. Their impact on the genre is huge. Despite many struggles, Mayhem's music still connects with fans who like pushing boundaries.

The band's controversial past, including Euronymous's tragic death and church burnings, makes them more mysterious. Mayhem's music not only pushed black metal's limits but also challenged society's rules, sparking debates about art's role.

Mayhem's influence goes beyond music, inspiring new black metal bands and shaping how fans see the genre. They stand out for facing darkness and taboos, making them a key part of black metal history.


Emperor was a famous black metal band in the 90s. They changed black metal with their new music and shows. Emperor's music was complex and dark, mixing fast beats with symphonies. People all over the world loved their music.

Emperor worked hard on their music and became legends in black metal. Many bands today still copy Emperor's style. They had a big impact on black metal.

Emperor made black metal different in the 90s. Their music still inspires musicians today. They are a very important band in black metal history.


Darkthrone was a famous black metal band in the 90s. They'd a unique sound that was raw and intense. The band came from Norway and added atmospheric elements to their music, which made it feel like you were in a different world when you listened to them. Darkthrone pushed the boundaries of black metal music and created a special experience for their fans.

Their music was both fierce and deep, capturing the spirit of Norwegian black metal from the 90s. Darkthrone had a way of making you feel like you were surrounded by darkness and mystery through their songs. They liked to try new things in their music while still keeping true to their original style, showing how creative they were.

Darkthrone made a big impact on black metal music and inspired many bands that came after them. Their songs still influence black metal fans today, showing that they were pioneers in the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Impact Did These Influential Black Metal Bands of the 90S Have on the Genre's Evolution and Future Generations of Musicians?

In the 90s, important black metal bands inspired future musicians and changed how the genre grew. These bands encouraged new ideas and pushed limits.

How Did the Controversial and Often Extreme Actions of These Bands, Such as Church Burnings and Violence, Contribute to Their Notoriety and Influence Within the Black Metal Community?

In the 90s, black metal bands did extreme things to stand out. They burned churches and were violent. This made the media talk about them a lot. People started to know them and their influence grew.

What Were Some of the Key Musical Innovations and Techniques Pioneered by These Bands That Set Them Apart From Their Contemporaries in the Black Metal Scene?

Explore how these bands changed music. They made new sounds that others didn't. Their ideas and style were different, shaping black metal. Listen to the music that started a new era in the 90s.

How Did the Personal Relationships and Dynamics Within Each Band Shape Their Music and Overall Legacy in the Black Metal Genre?

Band relationships affected how they made music. Friendships guided their style and left a mark on the black metal scene. Knowing how they worked together helps us see why they stood out in the genre.

In What Ways Did the Geographical and Cultural Backgrounds of These Bands, Particularly Their Origins in Norway, Influence Their Sound and Lyrical Themes in Their Music?

Imagine Norway's cold embrace shaping your art. The spooky fjords tell tales, adding raw power to your music. Your sound reflects where you come from and what you sing about. The barren landscapes inspire your music and lyrics.


In the 90s, three black metal bands stood out: Mayhem, Emperor, and Darkthrone. They changed the music scene with their unique sound.

Even today, their influence can be seen in many bands. These bands made a big impact on music that still lasts.

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