Not everyone who wants to start a business has the capital their need to get going. Others may have enough to start but require additional funding to help make their objectives a reality. This issue has caused many financial institutions to find ways to help those who qualify for such help.

So, who are these institutions, and what are the requirements? That is what I hope to share with you, and I hope you will follow along. You will find quite a bit of information that can help you decide what direction you are willing to take and with whom you seek financing. Need small business funding? Then check these options for a detailed guide.


You may be wondering what CDFI is and what it means. It is an abbreviation for community development finance institutions. These loan companies help micro and small business owners with the financial aid necessary to start a venture. If you are looking for help, this is where you come. These companies aren’t banks and are a great alternative to the banking systems across the country. The requirements for obtaining a loan or less, increasing your opportunities to get the loan you need.

Venture Capitalist Platform

This loaning option is known as VC for short and allows interested individuals or companies to invest in your company for ownership rights. You can benefit from a venture capitalist in various ways. Financial and skilled contributions are available; it depends on what you need the most. Mentorship can go a long way in helping any aspiring entrepreneur become successful.

Investment Partnership

There are cases where persons without the collateral to start a business can find someone who shares their goals and make them a partner. Despite not having complete control of the company, you gain access to the funds you need and see the company take off. An advantage in this partnership means you still have an equal say; it’s just a matter of what you contract with your partner before coming together. Find a good partner, one who has the knowledge to support and affect growth.


Crowdfunding has become very popular, and many companies fund their projects this way. Anyone willing to invest in a project they like or see as beneficial joins with other investors to support a particular company or project. Joining with others is where the term crowdfunding started. Some platforms make this possible, like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. It is always wise to read all the fine print when it comes to money matters.


Some people may qualify for a grant to help them get their business going. This type of financial help has requirements too, so it is wise to do your homework to see if you qualify. The government gives grants for specific projects; science, in particular, finds the going much more accessible. Innovation is high on the list for anyone looking for assistance from the government.

Cash Advances

Getting cash from merchants is a fast way to borrow money and much more straightforward than other ways. It is, however, very costly to repay. Most financial experts suggest this as a last option since it can cost much more to pay back. If you find yourself without any other option, this may be your go-to for your business needs.

Convertible Debt Option

This type of loan allows you to borrow and pay back later by giving over some control of your company through equity. Most small business persons may not like this approach, but it may work for you if you are competent or have few options. One thing to consider is starting another business with what you make so that you have a company no one else has control over.


P2P or peer-to-peer lending is used by many people worldwide, especially in the digital marketplace. The use of this mechanism is limited even though widely used. This option is one way that persons can use to gain funding for their small business, but it has its risks and limitations. Prosper and Lending Club are known for this type of service if you are interested.


These are some of the many ways that an aspiring entrepreneur can find viable funding for a project. If you lack the necessary money to start but believe you can pay off any debt incurred over time, I suggest you give these and others some serious thought. Do your research and make sensible decisions as this is a big step.