We all love to travel; I know I do, but now things are a bit different and require some thought before taking the plunge. What am I talking about, the changes the Covid 19 virus has brought upon every inhabitant? This virus has caused tremendous concern to those traveling and many destination countries, issuing border closures to prevent spread.

There is good news, though, as many places have reopened for business to recover their economy. This news means that travel is possible, but it is wise to choose where you go as some are still battling the disease. If you must travel, considered those countries with the lowest rates of Covid infection. Ready to travel? See the destinations with the lowest Covid rates.


According to stats, Switzerland is the safest country globally and is a famous European destination. The country surpasses eight million people and covers more than forty thousand square miles. There is much to do in Switzerland with its majestic mountains and waterfalls. Traveling to this country remains an attractive location due to what it offers and the low risk from Covid.


Denmark comes in second on the list for Covid 19 safety and has much to offer those looking to travel. This country’s location is in Europe and is slightly bigger than Switzerland, with a smaller population that exceeds five million. It forms part of what is known as Scandinavia and offers great outdoor adventure for pleasure seekers.


Another incredible Scandinavian country is Norway which is the third safest on this list. This European country has a population that surpasses 5 million and measures a whopping three hundred and twenty thousand plus square kilometers. Norway is beautiful, with many fishing ports and waterways that allow for excellent adventures for the daring. There are plenty of trails for hiking and mountainous areas to explore.


Canada is the first country on this list, not from Europe. It is one of the world’s largest countries with plenty of water, islands, and forests for those seeking off-grid thrills. Canada has a population exceeding thirty-seven million and plenty of land covering close to ten million square miles. The above information means there is so much to do in this country, especially for exploration, fishing, and camping.

New Zealand

Another country of interest was New Zealand and ranked fifth on the list. The country consists of two landmasses in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a population shy of five million people, and the landmass is over two hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers. Like many of the other countries before it, there is much to do here. If you love adventure, this is one place to visit.


Finland ranks sixth on the list of safest countries for travel with low Covid infection risk. This country has a population above five million individuals and is three hundred and thirty-eight thousand plus kilometers in size. The Baltic Sea makes for great exploration, with Finland surrounded by Russia, Sweden, and Norway. You will have plenty to do with a destination of this caliber, one filled with adventure.


Once again, more European nations top the list, with Sweden ranking seventh on the list. There is a population exceeding ten million persons, and the and area is more than four hundred and fifty thousand square miles. The country is Nordic and similar to many of its Nordic counterparts when it comes to lifestyle. Yet like any other, it has its differences which travelers can appreciate.


Australia is ranked at number eight for safety when it comes to the Coronavirus. This country is vastly different from all the other places that made this list. The population tops twenty-five million people, and the landmass is an astounding seven million-plus square miles. There is much to do in this Oceanic continent, so adventure and pleasure seekers have no worries.


The Netherlands is another European country to make the top ten. It has over seventeen million individuals and over forty-one thousand square kilometers of land. This destination is known for its canals and being under sea level. You are sure to find much to do in the Dutch land. For the most part, the Netherlands has a relaxed lifestyle and is ranked high for the quality of life.


Austria rounds off the top ten countries to visit for low Covid 19 infection rates. This European member has a population of close to nine million souls and a landmass exceeding eighty-three thousand square kilometers. Austria is known for its music, with persons like Beethoven and others calling this country home. You will find plenty to do in this Central European destination.

These ten countries are considered the safest in the world at this time. If you have plans to travel immediately or soon, I am sure you will find this helpful in deciding where you want to travel. Just be aware that situations change, and it would be wise to keep abreast of any changes with these countries.